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Leave your spouse a love note today

Forgive their faults

Remember why you married one another

Take a walk together

Have a DATE!

Agree for one to cook and the other to clean up

Let the kids spend the week-end with Grandma and do something FUN together!

Leave work early and pick up some flowers on the way home

Tell your spouse how nice they look

Find a new reason to love one another each day

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It is much easier to say, “I Do” on your wedding day, than to say “I Do” every day thereafter. 

“I Do” maintain my good nature when I have picked up your wet towel and underwear off the bathroom floor for the 2,555th time. “I Do” cheerfully mow the grass every Saturday even though it is my only “free day” and I would rather be golfing. “I Do” prepare lunches for the kids EVERYDAY, and I have to go to work too! “I DO” kill all the bugs in the house, even if I am secretly afraid of spiders.

It’s not always the big things that erode marital bliss, sometimes it is just a lot of little things that add up over time. Other times, it is simply “Unrealized Expectations” of how you imagined your life would be, or how you thought your spouse would act.

These articles are devoted to exploring the myriad ways in which marriages succeed and fail, and providing tools you can use to improve upon your own marriage.

We believe that healthy marriages are the building blocks of a strong society and provide the foundations upon which our children’s lives are built. There are many books written about marriages, but only the two of you will write yours. So now that you have said “I DO”, what will you “DO” next?

“I Do” -- Now What?